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Historic Molokai Mule Ride

Molokai Mule Ride

Three Mile Mule Ride
Tour the Hanson’s Disease Colony

Narrated Tour with Lunch
Tour Duration: 7:30a.m. to 8:30p.m.

Tour Date *
Molokai Mule Ride: Adults $185

Tour Description:

In the cool Molokai uplands, a pack of mules prepare for the day’s ride down to the world’s most unique and formerly forbidden village of Kalaupapa, The Hanson Disease Colony. The journey begins from the Mule Barn with a mule guide briefing. You’ll learn your mule’s name and the Mule Skinners (guides) will teach you how to ride and control the mules. No worries, these mules are personally trained by company owner Buzzy Sproat. Well known in the Hawaii Rodeo circuit, Buzzy is also considered one of Hawaii’s foremost experts on Mules.

You will be riding down 1,700 feet of the most spectacular as well as the highest sea cliffs in the world (recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records). Located on the central northern coast of the island of Molokai, some of the more remote areas of this park include rare native habitat for several endangered endemic Hawaiian plants and animals. The boundless beauty you will experience as you traverse down the 2.9 mile trail, with 26 switchbacks, leaves most folks absolutely speechless.

Upon arriving in Kalaupapa, you’ll be met by your Damien Tours guide and for the next few hours you’ll experience one of Hawaii’s most remarkable tours, in a community hidden from the world for so many years. You will learn about the leper colony, its people, incredible tales of struggle and human suffering, along with stories of courage and love.

You’ll see the grave site of Father Damien, the heroic Belgium Priest who loved and served this colony of outcasts. ( Visit St. Philomena Church, where Damien preached to his banished parishioners.

Enjoy your lunch, (included with the tour) at Judd Park on the scenic Kalawao side, overlooking sea cliffs and waterfalls, dramatic ocean rock formations and crashing surf.

Kalaupapa, is truly a special place in Hawaii, and like no other you will ever experience. The Kalaupapa National Historical Park & Guided Mule Tour is one that even seasoned travelers cherish, as one of their most memorable Hawaii experiences.

Tour Details:

Historic Mule Ride Molokai – Monday through Saturday 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM
Participants must be in good health and physically fit. Maximum weight 250 lbs.
Minimum age 16-years old.

This tour DOES NOT include air transportation. Call our office to obtain detailed information regarding air carrier service or ocean ferry service

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