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Maui Surf Lessons – Lahaina

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2 Hour Group Surfing Lessons
2 Hour Private Surfing Lessons

Soft longboards, surfing booties, lycra shirt
Located in Lahaina, Maui

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Surf Lessons $64.00 Time:
One Person Private Lesson $144.00 Time:
Two Person Private Lesson $240.00 Time:

Surf Description:

Instructors are highly trained and experienced professionals who love what they do. They are very thorough with fundamentals, awareness, and safety. All instructors hold current Red Cross Certifications First Aid and CPR.

Beginner Group Lessons: Tthe students are outfitted with modern soft longboards, surfing booties, and a protective lycra t-shirt. The first half hour or so of your lesson is taught on the sand and in the flat water. The rest of your time is spent surfing in the warm water. Students are supervised and coached at all times!

Introductory Group Lessons: Gives the beginner surfer an easy approach focused on safety, fundamentals and ocean-awareness. The lessons are based on easily learned instructions for paddling, navigating the surf zone, timing and catching waves, four fundamental surf stances, board maneuvering, stopping, and even wiping out.

Private Lessons Sudents have the undivided attention from one of the professional surfing instructors! Instruction is focused with an aim to provide ideal learning conditions for aspiring individuals. A private lesson will really help you take your surfing to the next level, plus it will do wonders to increase your wave count!

Due to their need for full time attention, Children 8 years old and younger are required to sign up for private or semi-private lessons.