Humpback Whales Enjoying The Surf.



This is a rare glimpse of two humpback whales in Oahu enjoying the surf.  Each year, humpback whales migrate from cool waters near Alaska to their warm-water breeding grounds in Hawaii. The first whale sightings of the year typically take place in late September or October in Oahu and November or December in Maui.

The whales don’t arrive all at once. Their numbers gradually increase as winter approaches.  It has been documented that the whales birth their babies in the water around Maui.  Thousand of visitors on Maui have seen the whale mothers teaching their babies how to move around in the water.

Whale season is from  December 15 until May 15, were whale watch cruises guarantee whale sighting on their trips.  Grab your camera and come, join us on a trip view these awesome creatures.



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