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Why Choose Us To Plan Your
Things To Do In Hawaii


FREE RESERVATION SERVICE!  Utilizing our Free Visitor Reservation Service and planning before you arrive allows time to relax and enjoy why you came to Hawaii. You will be provided a concise itinerary via E-mail with confirmations, check-in times, exact directions, what to bring, what to wear… you simply show up and have fun!

When you are on-island, our knowledgeable staff is a phone call away, seven days a week for information and support… all provided at no charge as a guest courtesy.

NO PRE-PAYMENT NEEDED! Because there is NO pre-payment for any on-island activity, it’s easy to plan ahead. Your exciting activities can be guaranteed weeks or even months beforehand. If necessary, any pre-arranged reservation can be easily withdrawn with a minimum 48-hour notice prior to the event, without obligation.

Every hour of your Hawaii vacation is worth a given dollar amount. Don't Waste A Day trying to figure out what fun things are left to do after you arrive. Not surprisingly, the best activities in Maui, Oahu, Kauai and the Big Island will be sold-out. Plan Ahead! Advance reservations are essential. Allow us to reserve your adventures weeks or even months in advance. If necessary, you can easily withdraw without penalty. We never charge a cancel fee.

You're traveling thousands of miles to visit the most beautiful islands on earth. At the end of the day, the memory making events you choose now are everlasting. Plan your Hawaii adventures Before You Arrive. We are delighted to help.